Dale Anderson, CEO & Managing partner

Dale Anderson founded Channel Media Solutions (CMS) in 2009.  Dale quickly grew the business to include a high profile client roster and over fifty dedicated technology and media consultants, making CMS the fastest growing consulting firm in the media applications space.

Dale's unique background includes running three major software divisions in three of the IT media sectors; Media Company, Software Vendor and Services Vendor.   Prior to establishing CMS in 2009, Dale was Senior Vice President of Development at MTV Networks until 2001.  He was President of Management Science Associates from 2002-2005, and Senior Vice President of the Media Division at Edge Technology Services from 2005-2009.  

CMS Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance & Customer Support

The Channel Media Solutions consulting staff have a wealth of technical and media industry background.  Their experience is based on years of service working for both the information technology and business teams of many leading media firms, including but not limited to: Viacom, NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery Communications, Bloomberg, Fox, ESPN, AMC Networks and Univision.